Fitness In Omaha

Gyms, Fitness, Trainers, and Exercise Classes

Business NameAddressZip CodePhoneWebsite URL
9Round Fitness304 Olson Dr Suite 10968046(402) 326-1618Website
9Round - Omaha18204 Wright St68130(402) 431-3184Website
9Round - West Maple15514 Spaulding Plaza Suite D0968116(402) 506-4567Website
Activ8 Fitness Omaha13205 F St68137(402) 980-0982Website
AMD Fitness LLC - West Omaha Locationinside Oakview Wellness Center68144(402) 660-2378Website
American School of Karate & Judo3203 N 204th St68022(402) 493-0279Website
Anytime Fitness15505 Ruggles St68116(402) 505-4466Website
Anytime Fitness2215 N 90th St68134(402) 991-8663Website
Anytime Fitness1027 Jones St68102(402) 991-2333Website
Anytime Fitness15605 Bennington Rd68007(402) 504-6531Website
Anytime Fitness11336 S 96th St68046(402) 504-9555Website
Anytime Fitness1137 N Broadway51503(712) 256-9889Website
Anytime Fitness Elkhorn20231 Manderson St #10568022(402) 939-7444Website
Anytime Fitness West Omaha1121 S 180th St68130(402) 934-5488Website
Approach Climbing Gym4923 S 72nd St68127(402) 502-5879Website
Armbrust Family YMCA5404 S 168th St68135(402) 896-4200Website
Artis Strength and Fitness13233 B St68144(402) 699-1463Website
Big Kents Strength and Fitness Gym10912 John Galt Blvd68137(402) 906-2995Website
Black Clover Fitness - 168th and Maple3821 N 167th Ct68116(402) 964-2300Website
Blue Moon Fitness - Omaha Central8447 W Center Rd68124(402) 614-4797Website
Blue Moon Fitness - Omaha North10930 Emmet St Ste B68164(402) 496-8900Website
Blue Moon Fitness - Omaha South5103 S 108th St68137(402) 339-6050Website
BOB's Fitness Complex1001 Fort Crook Rd N #13768005(402) 733-9333Website
BODY BASICS FITNESS EQUIPMENT10912 Prairie Brook Rd68144(402) 397-8866Website
Body Masters Fit Club8107 H St68127(402) 319-2041Website
Butler-Gast Branch YMCA3501 Ames Ave68111(402) 453-8903Website
Carly Halleen Cummings1066 Howard St68102(402) 346-7813Website
CKO Kickboxing Omaha2615 S 144th St68144(402) 330-7256Website
Climate Crossfit3427 S 84th St68124(402) 770-9191Website
Club Pilates15805 W Maple Rd Ste. 10568116(402) 885-9409Website
Common Ground Community Center1701 Veterans Dr68022(402) 444-4227Website
CrossFit Hydro6177 Center St68106(712) 253-0229Website
CrossFit Kinesis10807 S 204th Ave Cir68028(402) 933-9008Website
CrossFit Millard16919 Audrey St68136(402) 429-0500Website
CrossFit Omaha8938 L St68127(402) 909-3660Website
CrossFit Vise Downtown819 S 7th St68108(402) 681-5641Website
Crunch Fitness - Omaha Deerfield5218 S 136th St68137(402) 671-7811Website
CYCLEBAR17255 Davenport St Suite 13568118(402) 522-6711Website
Downtown Nutrition1016 S 10th St68108(531) 466-5037n
Dragon Palm Fitness1941 S 42nd St #42468105(402) 332-8778Website
DTO CrossFit1506 Cass St68102(402) 881-0787Website
DynamiX Strength and Fitness13110 Birch Dr # 15268164(402) 445-0384Website
Edge Body Boot Camp Omaha10926 Emiline St68128(402) 315-9840Website
Element Pilates Yoga and Fitness11039 Prairie Brook Rd68144(402) 391-2282Website
Elkhorn Training Camp - North20210 Gate Dancer St68022(402) 932-2900Website
Elkhorn Valley Fitness1409 N 203rd St68022(570) 417-6004Website
Elmwood Park808 S 60th St68106(402) 444-4632Website
F45 Training Elkhorn19019 Evans St #10768022(402) 681-3624Website
Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping18101 R Plaza #10368135(402) 625-0990Website
Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping - La Vista, NE10351 Portal Rd68128(402) 408-4143Website
Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping - Omaha - Midtown7624 Dodge St68114(402) 201-2474Website
Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping - Omaha Northwest4915 N 120th St #10568164(402) 408-5818Website
Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping - Omaha - West Dodge15791 W Dodge Rd68118(402) 395-8498Website
Fit Farm4383 Nicholas St68131(402) 614-6446Website
Fit In The City213 S Washington St Suite 468046(402) 740-3282Website
Fitness & Beyond1020 S 74th Plaza68114(402) 502-2729
Fitness Machine Technicians19006 Ohio St68022(402) 871-4735Website
Fitness Together17660 Wright St Suite 868130(402) 932-5346Website
FitNest7009 S 109th St68128(402) 578-8615Website
Genesis Health Clubs ? 132nd & Center2275 S 132nd St68144(402) 691-8546Website
Genesis Health Clubs ? 84th & Q Street8525 Q St68127(402) 537-0430Website
Genesis Health Clubs - Aksarben2110 S 67th St68106(402) 763-1400Website
Genesis Health Clubs - Cass7777 Cass St68114(402) 343-0486Website
Genesis Health Clubs ? Midtown Crossing200 S 31st Ave Suite #410168131(402) 916-5000Website
Genesis Health Clubs - Shadow Lake7549 Towne Center Pkwy68046(402) 884-7377Website
Genesis Health Clubs - Sprague14651 Sprague St68116(402) 201-2933Website
Genesis Health Clubs - Tara Plaza845 Tara Plaza68046(402) 331-7333Website
Genesis Health Clubs - Westroads1212 N 102nd St68114(402) 706-4109Website
GNO Fitness2949 N 204th St Suite 10868022(618) 841-4069n
Great Vibrations Fitness Omaha17931 Pierce Plaza68130(402) 917-5762Website
Heartland Strength8944 H St68127(402) 413-8384Website
HOTWORX - Omaha, NE (Northwest)3610 N 165th St68116(402) 315-3368Website
HOTWORX - Omaha, NE (West Omaha)1003 S 192nd St68022(531) 999-2588Website
Hy-Vee Pharmacy1000 S 178th St68118(402) 334-4922Website
ICC Bowlatorium and Gymnasium2701 S 25th St68105(402) 346-9731Website
Intermotion Corporate Fitness19521 Pearl Cir68022(402) 660-2219Website
Invictus Fitness13239 Portal Dr Suite 10768138(402) 739-2149Website
Iron Heaven Gym11714 Stonegate Cir68164(402) 210-9429Website
Iron Heaven Gym13211 Chandler Rd68138(402) 502-4939Website
Iron Hero CrossFit615 N 114th St68154(402) 991-7991Website
iThinkFit Gym2424 S 156th Cir68130(402) 333-4348Website
JACKSON'S BOXING2505 N 24th St68110(402) 707-9834not found
Jazzercise Bellevue Fitness Center2221 Thurston Cir68005(402) 871-8042Website
Jazzercise Omaha Southwest (Fusion Dance Studio)17128 Audrey St68136(402) 307-2117Website
Jazzercise Ralston Papillion LaVista7557 Main St68127(402) 881-0084Website
Jewish Community Center of Omaha333 S 132nd St68154(402) 334-6426Website
Johnson Fitness & Wellness Store (formerly 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment)3425 Oak View Dr #5068144(402) 965-9900Website
Karma Yoga Omaha15761 W Dodge Rd #10268118(402) 614-2244Website
Keaulana Fitness(402) 227-6048not found
Kennedy Fitness(402) 871-7935Website
Kosama Omaha North14615 W Maple Rd68116(402) 704-3380Website
Kruse Fitness20601 Elkhorn Dr STE 11068022(402) 350-7060Website
Lied Fitness Center7000 S 72nd St68124(402) 399-2400Website
Lifestyle Fitness800 N Front St68069(402) 681-1906Website
Life Time17007 Elm Plaza68130(402) 334-3000Website
livfit omaha5068 S 107th St68127(402) 578-9295not found
Maple Street YMCA7502 Maple St68134(402) 393-3700Website
Mick Doyle's Kickboxing and Fitness Center10801 Blondo St68164(402) 498-9592Website
Midwest Athletic Club2306 N 22nd St68110(402) 342-5800not found
Midwest Movement Elkhorn2929 N 204th St Suite 11768022(402) 256-6683Website
Motivera 360 LLC21015 Cumberland Dr68022(402) 505-8504Website
Muscle House Fitness Center2660 N 72nd St68134(402) 618-2579Website
My Studio3909 Cuming St68131(402) 850-8378Website
Natural Therapy1219 Leavenworth St68102(402) 884-1300Website
Nebraska Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Fitness2340 S 156th Cir68130(402) 319-5661
Nebraska Urban Indian2308 Howard St68102(402) 614-7214
Nerve Health & Fitness The Best gym in Omaha offering group classes, personal training, HIIT and nutrition coaching16909 Lakeside Hills Plaza #10468130(402) 201-1631Website
Nova Fitness Equipment4511 S 119th Cir68137(402) 343-0552Website
Olde Towne Nutrition20520 Corby St68022(531) 867-3943Website
Omaha Barbell8935 J St68127(402) 594-4485Website
Omaha Blue Waves Fitness15117 Industrial Rd Suite B68144(402) 215-6017Website
Omaha Blue Waves Martial Arts15117 Industrial Rd68144(402) 215-6003Website
Omaha Gymnastics Academy1217 N Monroe St68046(402) 339-2924Website
Omaha Integrative Care2126 N 117th Ave68164(402) 934-1617Website
OM Rental Hall1216 Howard St68102(402) 345-5078Website
One Gym Elkhorn20920 California Cir Ste A60068022(402) 916-4623Website
Optimum Fitness4419 S 134th St68137(402) 933-3326Website
Orangetheory Fitness16909 Burke St #12268118(402) 281-0950Website
Orangetheory Fitness14450 Eagle Run Dr #11068116(402) 704-7003Website
Orangetheory Fitness159 N 78th St68114(402) 281-2555Website
Orangetheory Fitness302 S 11th St68102(402) 915-0042Website
Orangetheory Fitness9820 S 71st Plaza68133(402) 915-0111Website
Papillion Landing Community Recreation Center1046 W Lincoln St68046(402) 597-2041Website
P E 101 Kids Gym2920 N 118th St # 10668164(402) 445-8343Website
Peak Performance - The Running Store3606 N 156th St #10268154(402) 398-0100Website
Phynyx Physical Phytness3038 N 102nd St68134(402) 932-3289Website
Planet Fitness2502 S 133rd Plaza68144(402) 330-2911Website
Planet Fitness15370 Weir St68137(402) 505-6802Website
Planet Fitness5565 N 90th St68134(402) 614-2400Website
Planet Fitness5760 Ames Ave68104(402) 933-3575Website
Planet Fitness5035 S 36th St68107(402) 932-3737Website
Planet Fitness8010 S 84th St68128(402) 614-8215Website
Planet Fitness10622 S 15th St68123(402) 715-5188Website
Planet Fitness1441 Mall Dr # 50051503(712) 256-7300Website
PLU Fitness20222 Roberts St68022(402) 709-1494Website
Power Life Yoga Barre Fitness - Blackstone3618 Farnam St68131(531) 220-7474Website
Pranam Yoga Shala3925 Farnam St68131(402) 504-1008Website
Premier Combat Center13540 Discovery Dr68137(402) 453-4448Website
Premier Gymnastics10702 Browne St68134(402) 571-6630Website
Priority 1 Fitness14990 Shepard St Suite 30068138(402) 330-1133Website
Progressive Fitness and Performance9855 S 140th St68138(402) 630-9548Website
ProMove Chiropractic and Performance4638 Dodge St68132(402) 915-4901Website
Push Pedal Pull - Home Fitness Equipment Store2731 S 140th St68144(402) 408-0917Website
Ralston Fit Body Boot Camp7310 Harrison St68127(402) 315-1096Website
Rasmussen Fitness and Sports CenterN 18th St68178(402) 280-3575not found
realcoachscott2551 Dodge St68131(402) 917-4490Website
Rockbrook Women's Gym10820 Prairie Hills Dr68144(402) 933-6031Website
Row House2501 S 90th St Ste. 11968124(402) 251-5501Website
Saddlebrook Community Center14850 Laurel Ave68116(402) 444-5970Website
Sculpt Studio1402 N 203rd St Suite 11468022(402) 639-2004Website
Simply Ballroom2679 Farnam St #20468131(402) 933-6678Website
Sokol Auditorium2234 S 13th St68108(402) 346-9802Website
Solaria Fitness and Nutrition9625 Redick Ave68122(402) 915-0936Website
Southwest Branch YMCA13010 Atwood Ave68144(402) 334-8487Website
SPENGA Southwest Omaha16920 Wright Plaza Suite 12668130(402) 948-4700Website
TAP into Fitness and Nutrition10845 Harney St suite 10268154(402) 625-0802Website
Testify Strength & Conditioning14505 Grover St #11768144(531) 333-2872Website
the Bodysmith Fitness12309 W Maple Rd68164(402) 715-5700Website
The Exercise Coach - West Omaha18023 Oak St Suite B68130(402) 875-6596Website
The Forged Athlete Gym6229 N 89th Cir68134(402) 251-2385Website
The Salvation Army Omaha Kroc Center2825 Y St68107(402) 905-3500Website
The Workout Extreme1607 Burdette St68110(405) 800-1945not found
Thomasville Gym6001 S 100th Plaza68127(402) 203-3946not found
Tiger Rock Academy2410 S 179th St68130(402) 334-5425Website
TKO FITNESS6815 Grover St68106(531) 222-9090Website
Todd Smith Fitness434 N 76th St68114(402) 932-5841Website
Torva Fit Club2111 S 67th St Suite 11668106(402) 504-4822Website
TotalFitness & Café Barbell11015 Emmet St #10768164(402) 884-0266Website
Transform FitnessElkhorn68022(310) 242-7852Website
Travel Gym Portable Gym System3157 Farnam St Suite 710468131(833) 215-6227Website
Ultimate Workout414 N 76th St68114(402) 210-9494Website
Union Bank & Trust Sports Complex21015 Cumberland Dr68022(402) 504-1222Website
UNMC Center for Healthy Living3908 Jones St68198(402) 559-5254Website
UNO Outdoor Venture Center6001 Dodge St68182(402) 554-2258Website
Victory Boxing Community Center3009 R St68107(402) 612-8491Website
Vision Fitness6815 Grover St68106(402) 301-6298not found
West O Fitness17620 Manderson St68116(402) 905-0145Website
West O Fitness18132 Emiline St68136(402) 505-6727Website
West Omaha Jazzercise15475 Ruggles St68116(402) 680-6136Website
Wrestling With Character17927 Pierce Plaza68130(402) 819-9739Website
YMCA of Greater Omaha430 S 20th St68102(402) 977-4300Website
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